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Although this .api provides some real time shark hazard data -  the .api is incomplete and should not be used to provide safety notifications or advice on potential shark hazards to the public.

Work in progress:

  • The development of this .api is a work in progress, and does not provide a complete information feed of the shark hazard information collected and distributed by the WA Government.
  • Developers should not distribute, publish, allow access or link to this .api to provide safety notifications on potential shark hazards while the .api remains incomplete.
While under development:
  • The delivery of information by the .api and .api use, cannot be guaranteed.
  • The content and configuration of the .api may change at any time .

Developers can check back to this page for status updates. This page will be updated once the project is complete.
Until the .api is complete, up to date information on the latest reported sightings and tagged shark detections is available at:  http://sharksmart.com.au/shark-activity/ or https://twitter.com/slswa